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Sell my DJI Spark

We are the No 1 company to sell your drone in the UK, we are family run and are always happy to help :)

If you have a DJI Spark and you would like to sell to us or simply find out what we can offer then please do get in touch and we will help to let you know what we can offer to buy your DJI Spark from you. 

Selling your DJI Spark with us is easy and  fast, all you need to do is fill out the form on the home page or below with as much info as you can and we will go through your items and work out the best price we can for you. Please always remember to tell us about any accessories such as cases and extra batteries etc. We do also buy tablets and other devices you may have used with your Spark. 
Please also let us know if any of your items have marks or damage. 

We are not currently taking in any faulty drones, very sorry.

We do also buy any model of DJI Drone so anything else you may be looking to sell just ask us and we will let you know what we can do. 


Looking to sell your DJI Spark to us? then please read all info and get in touch. 


Either complete the form opposite or email us direct at

Thanks! Message sent.

Once we have received your enquiry we will go through the items you have and get back to you very soon with a price that we can offer. 
Please remember whether you are looking to sell a DJI Spark or a DJI Mavic Air or any other drone please add them to your enquiry and we will be happy to let you know what we can offer. 

When selling a DJI Spark please list all accessories you may have bought and any extra batteries, cases or extra items so we can make sure the quote we give is accurate. 

When googling to sell my DJI Spark we are the No1 result for selling your drone fast and free. We do have a great passion for everything drone like and hope we can help you to sell your DJI Spark quickly so you can get the cash you would like or upgrade to a new drone. 


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