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Do we buy FPV drones and gear....


We often get messages asking if we buy FPV drones and related items..... quite simply YES :)

We understand that FPV equipment can be a bit specialist at times and be hard to sell easily. We love FPV and although our testers here are not pro FPV flyers, they sure do know how to rip a 5" or hit a gap or two.... they also know how to crash!!!
We have a huge knowledge of the FPV world and are happy to take a look at what you have and see what we could offer for you. 

So if you are looking to sell FPV for cash, with a nice easy process then let us know. 

Photo 10-02-2022, 12 10 06.jpg

What will we buy?

We will consider all FPV items, from fully built drones to parts and accessories. 
We will buy batteries ( as long as they are working and in good condition) 

So, anything you have from battery charges, to cases, please do let us know and we will see what we can do. 

If you are looking to sell FPV then click the quote button and get in touch.


Damaged or crashed drones

At the current time we are not looking to take in any more broken or damaged drones.
As much as we love to take them apart and see what we can do with them, we just do not have as much spare time as we wish to spend with broken/damaged items :(

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