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A2 CofC with UAV HUB

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

If you are thinking of completing your A2 CofC certificate we could not recommend these guys enough!

All our staff at Sell My Drones have recently completed their certificates with UAV HUB and we all agreed it is a very well put together course and fun to learn and very enjoyable on the way :)

Click image below to go straight to their new course page.

At UAV HUB they have a unique way of teaching you the laws and regulations in a fun manor which makes it that much easier to take in the required information to build your knowledge and get you ready to complete and pass your A2 CofC with ease.

They now allow you to complete all of the theory required in your own time without paying anything until you are ready for you exam, this is such an amazing way to do this, all at your own pace and then prepare yourself when you are ready to complete the final exam.

Want to know more about the A2 CofC? please check our other block posts for more info :)

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