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No Fly Drones - Flight planning in the UK

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

In the UK there are many areas where flying a drone is restricted or not prohibited at all. It is very easy to forget this and fly in to an area where you should not be and there can be many problems with this.

Our team at Sell My Drones have been using 'No Fly Drones' for some time to check flight restrictions all over the UK and we have also found many other parts of their website very helpful.

When first glancing over the map of the UK it is easy to see there are many, many areas that need to be avoided or extra caution needed to fly in or near.

With the laws of drone flying changing all the time we highly recommend staying within all the guidelines and this website really helps with this.

Please also check out their blog page which is packed with other helpful info.

This very informative site is ran by a very helpful chap called James, he puts a lot of work in to help us all with the information provided, please do click and help out by buying James a coffee, there is a button on the home page for this :)

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