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What is an A2 CofC certificate and why might you need one?

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Back in December 2020 the drone laws changed and it can be a challenge to get your head around.

We are hoping to simplify this a little and explain what and why this is something you need to know about.

A2 CofC, what is it?

Flying a drone will come under one of the following categories, A1: Flying 'over' people, A2: Flying 'close to' people, A3: Flying 'far from' people, to fly in the A2 category a pilot will need to complete their A2 CofC certificate to be compliant to do this.

In simple terms this means to fly a drone above the 250g threshold you would need to complete the A2 CofC to fly close to people but not over people.

If your drone weight is between 500g and 2kg , holding the A2 CofC means you can fly within a 50m separation distance of uninvolved people.

This is shortened to 30m for 250g to 500g drones with a completed A2 CofC. Currently, a fair amount of the drones on the market are over the 250g threshold, this would mean you would need to complete the A2 CofC to fly, unless flying in the A3 category (far from people) Currently the Mavic Mini and Mini II are two of the best drones available which are below the 250g and would not need the A2 CofC certificate currently.

There are also more changes that will come in to play in 2022, below is a very informative video from Ian, on Youtube.

We find all of Ian's videos very helpful so please do check out his other videos and don't forget to subscribe to keep up to date on all drone related stuff.

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